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Our search matches ALL keywords via stemmed, whole-word, case-insensitive match
any files whose filename contains the entire search string (substring match)
any file whose internal ID matches the entire search string.

Use +explain to return technical search details. +help displays this info. More special tokens:

+stock finds only files sold as stock while -stock excludes files sold as stock.

+portrait returns only portrait-orientation images (tall), while -portrait excludes them. Can also use +landscape -landscape +square -square

bib:234 will match "234" as a bib number (will ignore substring in filename "12345.jpg")

type:jpg matches only JPG images while -type:jpg excludes JPG.

string:xyz will find "xyz" as a raw substring anywhere in the file name, keywords or caption, bypassing the normal stemming logic and whole-word requirement. Can also use name:xyz keyword:xyz caption:xyz to substring-search those specific attributes. Can use -name:xyz to exclude files whose names contain "xyz".

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